Commitment to quality

Quality is the company's top concern. The product always achieve high therapeutic effectiveness, safe when used strictly according to instructions.


Modern machine

DCL has two GMP - WHO pharmaceutical factories, one medical device factory; 1 Vicancap hollow capsule factory.


Price is stable

The price is guaranteed by the autonomy of the source material.


More than 40 years of experience

As one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam, DCL has become a trusted brand with consumers, pharmacies and hospitals across the country.


The market is over

Distribution network with more than 13 branches and more than 55 distributors spread from north to south.


Closed process

The production process of Cuu Long Pharmacy meets GMP and WHO standards recognized by the Ministry of Health.


Welcome to Cuu Long Pharmaceutical company

Peace of mind of every home

Following the mission of improving community life through optimal health solutions, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has been improving day by day.

We are constantly improving our products, provide the best products to support and protect the community’s health.

With the successes achieved during 45 years of development, we are committed and attempt to become a prestigious pharmaceutical company, highly appreciated by patients, employees and partners




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